Wednesday, April 13, 2011

men of honor


The story begin when African-American boy inspired to be a Navy Mastre Diver and Master Chief.Carl Brashear love to swim and dive in the lake near to his family's sharecorp farm.When Carl becomes of age,he wantd to leave the town and joined the U.S Naval.On the day of departure,his father said, "Never quit, no matter how tough things get, and things will get tough... be the best.

Carl's first assignment is a cook on board a battleship.  There, his military career doesn't seem to be going anywhere.  One day, hanging out with his fellow African-American crew members, Carl watches the white crew members swim in the ocean.  Although it is not the designated day for "coloreds" to swim, Carl takes off his uniform and dives in.  When the Captain sends his best swimmer to get Carl out, Carl heads for the closest buoy.  In what turns out to be a race, Carl beats the other crew member by a large margin.  While Captain Pullman (Powers Boothe) does not condone disobedience, he recognizes Carl's fast swim and puts him on the rescue team.  It is during his duties as a rescue swimmer that he becomes awed by the deep sea divers and inspires to be a Navy diver.
Carl wrotes over one hundred letters for several years to request enrolling in the Navy diving school.When he is finally accepted, he shows up at the New Jersey U.S. Navy diver school, but is not admitted by the resident Master Chief and instructor, Billy Sunday (Robert De Niro).  It is with awesome determination, persistence, and hard work that Carl is able to keep up with the coursework at the diving school.  Even when he reaches near the head of his class and proves himself a hero with unnerving bravery, Master Chief Sunday and the base commander are unwilling to let Carl graduates as the first African-American diver.


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